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Laser Jewellery Repairs - Laser Ring Repairs

Jewellery workshop London - Our Laser jewellery technology ensures top quality jewellery repair work. Jewellery design and jewellery manufacture require state of the art equipment.

Our specialist goldsmiths and laser technicians are able to make sophisticated jewellery repairs that are not possible by traditional methods used by most jewellery workshops. Jewellery design and jewellery manufacture require state of the art equipment. There is no machinery like a laser apparatus.

Specialist Laser jewellery repair and laser alteration service London.

Specialist Laser jewellery repair

Laser welding of precious metals offers high quality, almost invisible joining in platinum, palladium, gold, silver, titanium and other jewellery metals. Strong joints can be achieved without compromising quality.
Repair of damaged jewellery without having to unset heat-sensitive stones. Laser repair makes the task easier and faster.

We can perform tricky laser repairs to antique jewellery without needing to remove the stones.
Laser repairs and laser jewellery alteration service.
The laser beam is so localised. This allows our goldsmiths to work very close and not heat sensitive stones. The original patina of the jewel remains.
Even the most treasured jewellery and family heirlooms can be laser repaired without fear of heat damage to your jewellery. The finished laser repair is so small it is virtually invisible.

High-quality laser repairs for delicate jewels.

While some older jewellery repair methods can change the look of items of jewellery, laser welding retains the same appearance.
Laser repair makes so many worn-out precious items of jewellery so desirable.
Antique jewellery can be repaired with only local heating, thus preserving the quality and appearance of the jewel.

The laser welding process forms stronger joints than soldering. This makes the appearance of the jewellery as close to original as possible.
Laser Ring resizing, laser sizing, laser new claws, laser retipping claws, repairing cracks, laser dents and laser porosity.
Laser ring repairs and laser restoration. Laser sizelines, laser reclaws, laser retips, Laser cracks, laser flooding,
Laser welding can solve most jewellery problems.
We can even laser retip on top of precious gemstones including emeralds!
Laser brooch repair, laser necklace repairs, vintage jewellery laser repair.
Laser Costume jewellery repair London.
Laser gold soldering, Laser platinum soldering, Laser silver soldering. Laser soldering is a technique where a ~30-50 W laser is used to melt and solder an electrical connection joint. Diode laser systems based on semiconductor junctions are used for this purpose. Wavelengths are typically 808 nm through 980 nm. The beam is delivered via an optical fibre to the workpiece, with fibre diameters 800 µm and smaller. Since the beam out of the end of the fibre purges rapidly, lenses are used to create a suitable spot size on the workpiece at a suitable working distance. A wire feeder is used to supply solder. Both lead-tin and silver-tin material can be soldered. Process recipes will differ depending on the alloy composition. For soldering 44-pin chip carriers to a board using soldering preforms, power levels were on the order of 10 Watts and solder times approximately 1 second. Low power levels can lead to incomplete wetting and the formation of voids, both of which can weaken the joint.

Our onsite Hatton Garden walk-in Jewellery Laser workshop opening times:
Our in-house workshop for laser repair is open Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can send your laser jewellery repairs and re-sizing by post. Click here to download a form

We are closed at Weekends and on Bank Holidays.

T: 020 7405 1536 (+44 20 7405 1536)

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